Rural Rocks has developed from an unrelenting commitment towards making a positive impact in our community by doing what we do best - Design for Good.

What we discovered along the way was a wealth of people who were just as passionate as we were.


We are small town business owners, artists, parents, caffeine addicts, cyclists, builders, chefs, beer connoisseurs and so much more! Ray, seasoned veteran, has been involved in the design, print and marketing business for nearly 20 years. Designer extraordinaire, Glen, makes things pretty in print or online. Mary, our cheerful marketing guru, keeps us in line and on track. We are passionate about good design and truly believe our creative approach can lead the way for positive change in small communities.

Ray Bartram

Go Getter

Glen Simpson

Creative Muscle

Mary Stone

Circus Master

Carl Metzler

Camera Hoarder



Armed with the belief that good design can have a useful impact in every part of a small community, we started digging deeper.

As we reached out, it became evident that the support was abundant.

Round table discussions became longer and more varied. We talked of becoming a gathering place, both virtual and eventually physical. One movement that unifies the efforts of any number of causes within a community.

Good design is the base. From events to storefronts, product display to product packaging, marketing tourism and specific community endeavors.

The mantra of realize, respect, support and promote all that is good in a small community will be prevalent throughout our message. We will strive to encourage collaboration, as well as offer solutions.  — Ray Bartram

Our apparel line will be fun and once again unifying. We keep educating people on the importance of “Think Local” concepts that can be developed and promoted with and around Rural Rocks participation. Our intention is to build a solid nucleus of proven ideas and programs that have been effective, all the while being open to new suggestions towards building upon the positive.

Just as urban areas have realized the importance of an artistic influence, small communities have every bit as much talent to offer – and it’s that rural perspective that makes it even more relevant.

Rural Rocks is an attitude … an intense desire to contribute to making our communities better. To preserve as well as develop the spirit that we have grown up with. To awaken the pride that comes from hard work and personal accomplishments and share that message in a Rural Rocks revolution.